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Facility and Services

ingnatee cycling   Ingnatee activities map:
Ingnatee resort has provided the map in each room, shows all activities with details in the resort area for you and your family to enjoy. By using colorful illustration and easy to understand description, each station is easily found throughout the resort. Knowledge board is available at each station with QR code for VDO link display on your mobile device.
ingnatee swimming pool   Riverside Swimming pool:
Resort provide the swimming pool for guest, in the zone right next to the Chao Phraya river. This also a favorite place for the photographer to river view. The pool is suitable for every age group.                        
ingnatee cycling   Bicycle ride:
In order to enjoy the thai culture, cycling is the best way to achieved that. The resort provides free bicycle rental service for our guest to ride with loved one while enjoying the thai culture and house, observe the true meaining of living by river.
ingnatee_restaurant   Restaurant:
Our restaurant located next to the lobby. The place where guest can take their family to taste the thai style food. Fresh ingredient from our organic mushroom and vegetable garden enhance the flavour to the best. Kids and family can enjoy feeding fish in lotus pond while having meal as well.
ingnatee buddist   Buddhist:
Thailand is the land of smile and majority of the population is buddhist, thus there are several buddist temple along the Chao Phraya river near our resort. In the early morning monk will travelling along the river in boat to the nearby resident and our guest can experience give alms to monk by our riverside port.
ingnatee boat shop visit   Boat shop visit:
Similar to the monk. There are several shops traveling down the Chao Phraya river, including ice-cream, fruit, or fresh seashell shops. With smile of Thai people, you will not be able to resist buying some products from boat shops.
ingnatee boat trip   Boat trip:
The riverside is full of thai cultures and beautiful architecture. Thai living style can be observed and experience here. The resort have service boat trip for our guest to enjoy thai life along Chao Phraya river. (Kindly booked in advance for arrangement.)
ingnatee seminar room   Meeting room:
Our meeting room located next to Chao Phraya river bank with relaxing view, with LED TV coffee break station and ensuit washroom, suitable for arrange meeting from 8-20 people or small group activity with style. 
ingnatee cycling   Yoga Retreat Class:
Yoga is all about calming the mind and relaxing the body. But it can be hard to maintain that peaceful mindset when you leave the class and head right back to work, bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city and the general chaos of the world. Without question, it's easier to reap benefits on an extended retreat, where the setting is idyllic and the focus is entirely yogic. To free your mind and body in a cozy and relaxed environment, INhale and EXhale with the fresh riverfront breeze. There is a great mix of yoga and meditation elements by Philaipun Chanyutthana (instructor) 
For reservations: please call (+66) 82-796-7581 or Email to: ingnateeresort@gmail.com

2 Day Get Away Yoga Retreat in Eco Environment nearby Bangkok, Thailand
1 person – Twin room  ฿ 3,150.00 
1 person – Private villa ฿ 4,485.00 
2 person – Private villa ฿ 6,210.00 

3 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Pathum Thani, Thailand
1 person – Private villa ฿ 8,970.00 
2 person – Private villa ฿ 12,420.00 

4 Days Mini Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Bangkok, Thailand
1 person – Twin room ฿ 9,315.00 
1 person – Private villa ฿ 13,455.00 
2 person – Private villa ฿ 18,630.00