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tba awards2010

IngNatee Resort Pathumthani received an award for the Thailand Boutique Awards 2010, category of the outstanding community travel- central region. As the feature atmosphere on the Chao Phraya River bank, surrounded by the way of life of “Mon Samkhok” waterfront community lifestyle, visitor can relax and take the life slower by watching the rice barges floating pass by the brilliant water sparking reflection.  

Rejuvenate your special moment within the relax and soothing atmosphere
of Pathumthani, surrounded by tropical farm while enjoying your peace
of mind under the blissful surrounding the Chao Phraya Bank.

Explore enchanted nature to be discovered of Pathumthani, 40 kilometers
north of central Bangkok. IngNatee Resort offers premium tropical villa
with unsurpass hospitality reminescense of old Thai tradition
and lifestyles of Pathumthani river bank.

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